GWCL loses 5 % of treated water due to pollution

Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has revealed that it loses close to 50% of  water produced across the country due overaged pipelines among other factors.  

Managing Director of the company, Dr Clifford Braimah said the 42-inch in diameter pipeline has a lifespan of 30 years but these lines are close to 60 years.   

“Due to the current state of the lines, we are losing a lot of water. This loss accounts for about 50% of non-revenue water and results in frequent water shortage within Tema area and Eastern part of Accra”  

He was speaking at the inspection of maintenance work being carried out at Gbetsile in the Kpone-Katamanso municipality with minister for Sanitation and Water Resource Minister, Cecilia Dapaah and other officials.

According to him, this phase of maintenance is replacing 120 metres of the over 50 years pipelines at a cost of over ¢4 million with pipelines manufactured by GWCL.

By replacing these lines, GWCL is expected to recover enough water to serve customers.

For the sector minister, Cecilia Dapaah,replacing these lines is walking the talk when it comes to maintenance culture and serving consumers with quality water.

“These 55-year-old lines are corroded and are due for replacement. This is practicing the maintenance culture we often preach about as there is no need to wait for a huge burst before you tackle it.”

The maintenance works which started on Thursday and would be completed by Sunday, disinfected and tested for leakages before water could reach customers latest by Tuesday.

One major concern to the team was encroachment on the lines.

According to the minister, all stakeholders including Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly are coming on board to ensure that no building or structure on the lines impedes next phase of the replacement.

Ing. Dr. Braimah also indicated the company will survey from Kpong to Tema with their drone to assess the extent of encroachment on the lines to inform their next line of action.

Meanwhile, Municipal Chief Executive for Kpone-Katamanso, Solomon Appiah has assured the team of his readiness to help address the situation.

“The water project had existed before most of these structures started springing up. We are seeing the effect of building not to conform to the layout. The next thing is to engage GWCL to know which of the structures are within the reservations”

“This will be handled just as we did with the construction of the railway line that goes through this municipality. Some structures eventually made way for the project”

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