Contemporary gospel musician Pastor Allen Caiquo has finally released his new vibrant song dubbed Finally.

The song talks about the favour of God and how he works in mysterious to bless those who follow him diligently.

Per the lyrics of the song, Pastor Allen Caiquo, who is the founder and senior pastor of Encounter Arena, a vibrant Charismatic Church in Essex, UK preached on how God has changed his destiny positively.

Meanwhile, Pastor Allen Caiquo is a visionary leader with interests and experience in the business field and is also the founder and director of The ROAR Empire with an aim to create lasting impact across communities.

He is an author & award-winning International gospel musician and songwriter with a career spanning over 20 years. He is personally an influential mentor to many aspiring artists and ministers. 

Pastor Allen has a unique passionate heart of worship, which always sets an atmosphere for an intimate worship experience evident at his many concerts both locally and internationally.

His youthful exuberance is displayed in his stage presence, and has successfully blended his pastoral work and passion for music in his yet to be released EP – Priest & King.