Peace Council condemns violence in Odododiodio

The National Peace Council has condemned the recent acts of violence at Jamestown in the Odododiodio Constituency.

The Council described it as “an unfortunate and needless event that could have been avoided”.

Executive Secretary of the Council, George Amoh, who was disgusted implored the police, in an interview with Joy News’ Top Story, to act swiftly in investigating the root cause of the matter and in apprehending involving perpetrators.

“It will serve the necessary deterrent that we are all looking out for because the stakes are obviously high and we cannot say that violence of this magnitude is unlikely to reoccur during elections,” he noted.

According to Mr Amoh, the youth are affected by structural problems in the country, in that, lack of engagement readily avails them to be used by politicians as means to unfortunate ends.

He announced that the Peace Council has designed activities to engage the youth from across all political parties on means to curb a reoccurrence of similar violence.

“The future belongs to you who is destroying it for the sake of an adult today. And we need to be very mindful of the repercussions of what we’re being asked to do” he cautioned.

He further advised that government assumes the responsibility of ensuring the security and safety of the country to assure both the citizenry and foreign powers that the country is at the helm of affairs and eligible to handle its own affairs.