As the coronavirus pandemic disrupts global economic value chains many businesses are investing heavily in the virtual space to stay afloat. 

In Ghana, the demand for online transactions has also created an intense form of competition won by the edge of innovation. 

To this end, software Solutions Company, Phlenu, has established a global online marketplace that helps local businesses, especially entrepreneurs connect with customers both locally and abroad.

“Well, Phlenu takes the online shopping experience to the global level, by creating a secured marketplace that allows for both local and international customers to buy securely from registered merchants that provide value. At Phlenu we secure the entire marketplace; from the merchant signing up to Phlenu Business, the customer who buys on Phlenu and our delivery drivers who deliver with Phlenu Delivery. We create an experience that customers actually need,” Founder and CEO of Phlenu, Koffi Dossou said.

Phlenu: Providing the Ultimate Buying Experience 

Phlenu is a platform on which online users can purchase products and services from their favorite businesses securely. More specifically, the app features merchants from every corner of the global market and products or services that you might not find at home.

Phlenu also offers an excellent search facility and absolute convenience at every other turn. For instance, Phlenu takes great care in terms of verifying each merchant to provide a safe and reliable process for the customer.

What’s more, the Phlenu Delivery App ensures customers get their orders delivered safely at the address of their choice via the innovative GPS technology within the Phlenu app. At the same time, you can also redeem a QR code upon purchase and then exchange this code for the relevant product or service in a local “brick-and-mortar” store.

How Phlenu is Connecting People to the People and Business that Matter

As online transactions increase, the demand for effective online experience on the part of online services is paramount.

According to the Founder and CEO, Phlenu is all about the experience and opening up a world of possibilities for the end-user.

“That is to say, we know that customers are conscious of the businesses from which they buy and Phlenu takes great care in the selection process. Also, the Phlenu app is incredibly convenient and easy to use.”

With Phlenu, customers can browse and discover endless products or services of any kind, from restaurant deals to hospitality deals and entertainment packages. Phlenu a smartphone app gives customers access to the market anytime, anywhere!

Simply put, merchants create business listings, customers place orders and delivery drivers deliver them. Upon purchase, the buyer is given a QR code which can be verified by the merchant at the store of purchase by scanning the code with a smartphone or b. Have it delivered by a Phlenu Delivery driver who scans the QR code. At this point, the merchant is paid in their Phlenu Business account.

Covid 19 and online transactions

Since the inception of the Covid-19 cases in the country, organizations in various sectors are beginning to play catch-up with the virtual world following a near-global ban on social gatherings and the practice of social distancing.

Most businesses have had to go digital, execute work remotely from home or scale down direct contact with customers, necessitating the need to take most business activities online or cashless.


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