PNC expels Dr. Somtim Tobiga

Two members of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Dr Somtim Tobiga and Mr Bernard Bame-Ime, have summarily been dismissed by the National Executive Committee of the party for persistent misconduct.

The expulsion follows resolutions adopted by the party’s congress underway in Sunyani to dismiss members whose actions bring the image of the party into disrepute based on Article 14c of the PNC constitution.

“These persons and their agents and associates have consistently defined the collective decisions of the party, disregarded the internal organs, refused to submit to the arbitration, and ignored several decisions of the law courts of Ghana,” chairman of the congress Dr Sule Gariba announced.

“The two, Dr Somtim Tobiga and Mr Bernard Bame-Ime, have consistently perpetuated activities that have brought the party into disrepute including seizing by force the party’s headquarters, locking out the party’s legitimate offices and staff, unlawfully installing an interim management committee, and action unwarranted and unrecognized by the constitution of the People’s National Convention (PNC),” he declared and prayed to delegates to adopt the decision, and it was unanimously supported by the party’s congress.

Other resolutions adopted by the congress included the rights to vote at elections and be elected into office which was amended and expanded.

Persons who vie for positions at the constituency level must have at least spent 12 months in the party, 24 months for regional executives and 48 months for national offices – one must also be in good standing to be eligible.

The constitution also allows the NEC to appoint persons to unelected positions.

The congress also adopted a resolution which combined the post of a national chairman with that of the party leader. The flag-bear who used to be the leader of the party will now perform duties leading to his or her election as the president of the Republic of Ghana.

Congress also agreed to have two deputies for the following national positions: General Secretary, National Organiser, Treasurer, Women’s Organiser and National Youth Organiser.

The chairman of the party’s congress would now have additional powers to act as the returning officer and endorsed candidates elected at congress, and liaise with the EC on behalf of the party.