Workers of the Chinese company constructing the Pokuase Interchange have begun a strike action to press home their demand for better working conditions.

Among other health benefits being requested for by the group, the Company has also been asked to increase the daily wage of the labourers by at least 75 percent.

Justifying their stance, a spokesperson for the workers, Evans Gyimah said the workers deserve protection.

According to him, while the contractors are allegedly engaging in unfair work practices like wanton sackings, the staff have also not been provided with protective gear.

“We are crying for an increment and also the conditions of the work. They have to protect us.

“Chinese are fond of sacking you when you get tired. We are human beings. You can not work like how a bull works,” he said.

He added that there has been several complains and petitions made to management but nothing was done about their concerns.

They are therefore urging government to intervene.