Public Relations Officer at the Ashanti Regional Police Command, ASP Godwin Ahianyo, is committing to promote strict enforcement seatbelt wearing, as he joins Multimedia Group’s #ArriveAlive campaign.

He has been recounting how he and other personnel continue to exist following a scary accident which he says they survived because they wore seat belts.

“The vehicle somersaulted; all the four tyres showing up and then the roof of the vehicle on the ground. I was actually traumatised. We were three in the vehicle; myself,  the driver and a colleague in the office.”

The officers were travelling on the Cape Coast – Kumasi highway when their pick-up vehicle somersaulted several times at a spot near Bogyawe after an abandoned tarpaulin covered the windscreen.

“In the evening around 8:30, we had then gotten to Bogyawe then we saw an image in the middle of the road. We didn’t know what it was. Then there was an oncoming vehicle. The next thing we saw was that something had covered the windscreen of our vehicle so the driver lost control.

“It tossed him three or so occasions before we ended up in a ditch. Luckily for us, we were in our seat belts.  Later on, I saw that the vehicle had somersaulted. It was later that somebody mentioned that it was the tarpaulin that the speed of the bus blew and it then covered our vehicle’s windscreen,” the officer narrated to Nhyira FM’s Ohemeng Tawiah.

ASP Ahianyo and his colleagues have been left with an unforgettable scar of that scary and traumatic experience they had on the road.

“We were traumatised because we’d never seen it before,” he said.

He is  offering himself to the Arrive Alive road safety campaign by The Multimedia Group to become a Seatbelt Ambassador.

“I am an advocate now because anyone that I narrate the incident to, I tell the person that I would want to be an ambassador or an advocate for the wearing of the seatbelt.

“It is a good thing that The Multimedia Group is doing. You are doing a yeoman’s job. It is a good campaign and I want to be a part of it,” he said.