A section of the 581 newly recruited Police Officers

Vice Chairman of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee, Samuel Atta Mills has described as frightening political enlistments into the country’s security agencies.

The Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem MP says the development could endanger the country’s security.

He says it is worrying that politically connected people like legislators sometimes brag about their successes in enlisting constituents into security agencies when there has been no public advertisement of the process.

Over the weekend, some police recruits graduated from the training school although there has allegedly not been a public advertisement of such opportunities for more than three years now.

Mr. Atta Mills warns another political party may decide to same if power changes hands in 2024.

“The way we are doing and then you will hear some of the MP’s boasting yeah I have sent about a 100 people to Immigration, I have done this what about the other side? So polarisation is getting to a different level. The tone right now is frightening.

“We enquire several times about at least enlisting people in the services and please immigration and military….and it just happens that at least most of the people who have been hired in this agencies are from the NPP party. NDC God willing is coming to office in 2024 by 2025 are we going to return a favour?”

Mr Atta Mills says even at institutions such as NABCO and One District – One Factory sites, only NPP members are being given job opportunities which he says is unhealthy.

“Look at NIA Prof Attafuah comes to say that no he didn’t want to make it a political area and look at the brouhaha going on right now, if you go to NIA or if you go to youth employment, look at NABCO look at those people who are being hired.

“Go to most of those places that they have the 1D1F and look at the questions that they ask you before they even give you a job. If those 1D1F jobs are even genuine…look we are all one people, the political parties are what we elect our members but once we’ve elected people, let’s think about Ghana. So the way that it is going, we need to be careful because whatever goes around comes around,” he said.