Ace broadcaster Ken Addy says the way people in the creative industry are portrayed by stakeholders is problematic

In an interview on Showbiz A to Z on Saturday said when bloggers are given the opportunity to prove themselves, they end up posting obscene images of themselves.

This, he said, adds to the reasons politicians look down upon people in the creative industry.

“What do we portray creative as to the public? When a blogger has a page to gain traction, what does he put on his page? Nudity.

“People who are doing things that do not add anything to the welfare of the state are those that they put there so if you continue to do such things all the time and you refuse to project people who are doing marvellously well.”

He noted that if people in the creative industry would think ahead and things are done instead of asking for freebies, the creative industry would be taken seriously.

“Look at 3Music they didn’t just sit, they had to come out to open people eyes as to the way things can be done in this country and they showed to the world that the creatives that we have in this country can do things to match what the outside world do. Now, if we continue to do that and projects these people instead of the other side, I think people will take us serious.

“We are sitting down always asking for government assistance as creatives. That is the banter that goes on every week by week … if you continuously do that and that all that you are doing then people will take you for granted,” he added.