President John Agyekum Kufuor has called on members and supporters of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) to unite solidly behind whoever was chosen at the December 22, national delegates congress to lead the party to the 2008 polls.

He said anyone of the Presidential Candidates selected would be for the party and would therefore need the total loyalty and support of all for a resounding victory.

Addressing a rally organized at Asamankese, the capital of the West Akyem District, by the Eastern Region branch of the NPP, President Kufuor asked the party’s loyalists to see themselves as belonging to one big family and as such must uphold its unity and continue to show love to one another.

Almost all the presidential aspirants of the party attended.

He told the enthusiastic crowd, who defied heavy rains to listen to him that Ghana, the black star of Africa, was rising and that there were a lot of good things coming its way, mentioning among other things the recent discovery of oilfields off the shore of Cape Three Points.

President Kufuor said already many goods things had happened to the country within the last seven years and the future looked bright and full of hope.

Earlier, ecstatic supporters, of the various presidential aspirants, mostly young men and women, adorned in “T” Shirts embossed with their pictures had turned the main street of the town into a theatre of lively political carnival.

While some danced to brass band music, others beat drums, blew whistles, sang and chanted slogans extolling the virtues of their idol candidates.

They had come in buses from across the country.

The NPP goes to congress to elect its flagbearer from a crowded field of about 20 contestants on December 22.

Source: GNA


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