The National Association of Private Lotto Operators and Agents and the Ghana National Chamber of Banker to Banker Lotto Operators and Agents in Ghana are calling for calm and peace to prevail in the lottery industry.

The members of Association and the Chamber are also urging all private lotto operators and agents to cease the media war with the authority because it is inappropriate and improper to fight the regulator of the lottery industry.

A statement signed by Dr Frank Adjei, Chairman of the Association and copied to the media on Wednesday said the National Lottery Authority (NLA) is mandated by relevant laws to ensure that every individual and companies operating in the industry do so in accordance with the Act 722, L.I. 1948 and Section 22 of Act 844.

The statement said per the understanding of the contract between the NLA and all private lotto operators licensed under Act 844 regulated by Act 722 and L.I. 1948, it was, “Never stated in the contract that a Private Lotto Operators or Agent can organize independent Live Lotto Draws on TV without a composition of the Draw Committee properly set up by NLA”.

It was again “Never stated in the Contract that a Private lotto Operator or Agent can operate Short Code for NLA VAG 5/90 Game,” it added.

The statement said: “Only one license was issued to us, that is a license under Act 844, adding, “We were never issued an Act 722 license.”

It called on all members to support the NLA, the regulator of the lottery industry, saying, the collapse of the NLA will eventually collapse the whole Industry including all Private Lotto Operators, Agents and Writers.

“Let’s always try to adopt measures of dialogue and consensus building with our Regulatory body, NLA, rather than always running to the media to fight and undermine them”.