The Information Minister says government has begun a series of engagements with various stakeholders to discuss potential restriction measures once the ban on public gatherings is lifted.

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah said the measures are to ensure the safety of citizens while allowing for some level of normalcy in their daily activities.

According to him, although these engagements are ongoing, it does not mean that current measures and restrictions put in place by President Akufo-Addo can be ignored or disobeyed.

“The sports community, in particular football and golf has submitted proposals on potential easing up approach which could still protect the population.

“Faith-based organization have also submitted proposals on how religious activities could be re-allowed to operate while protecting the people.

The Offoase Ayirebi MP said government is grateful to all the groups and the others who will be engaged in the coming weeks for their input so far.

He, however, noted that “the fact that you are being engaged does not mean that the proposals that have come from you have been accepted or the restrictions have been amended or lifted currently.”

“The restrictions remain in full force and offenders will be arrested and prosecuted. The engagement is only for post restricted scenarios and must be clearly understood as such.  

The Minister said talks are also in place to conclude on gradual plans for a post restriction measures.

Mr Oppong Nkrumah said this is to ensure that the health of the people is not compromised when all restrictions are lifted.

“Government has imposed and subsequently amended various restrictions aimed at protecting the population but at the same time allowing economic activities to proceed.

“Government envisages that in the coming weeks it will need to outline a gradual plan for a post restrictions era. Pursuant to this, the president has commenced engagement with various stakeholders on safety measures that can allow the easing of the restrictions without compromising the health of the population.”

Currently, Ghana has confirmed 5,530 cases of Covid-19 with 24 deaths.

The continuous increase in cases which has been described by many as alarming has been mainly due to an outbreak in Obuasi in the Ashanti Region.

The cases, recorded by workers of a mining firm have led to calls for stricter adherence to social distancing and hygienic practices at the workplace.

Touching on the development, the Information Minister said government is considering some more legal instruments to make enforcement of the guidelines on social distancing stricter

“The President has already engaged with the association of Ghana industries on potential measures for workplace safety.

“The president has also commenced engagement with the education community on potential post restriction measures that will allow for the reopening of schools while protecting students.

“He has also been engaging with the transport sector on how to ensure more compliance and safety on public transport.

“There are also legal options that are being considered to ensure stricter compliances and enforcement of personal hygienic etiquettes including the wearing of masks.