The co-founder of UT Bank, Prince Kofi Amoabeng, has shared some tips on how someone with a vision can be a successful leader and realise his dream.

Speaking with Akosua Hanson on the Y-Leaderboard Series on Y FM, he indicated that leadership must always have a course because there can never be a leader without a vision.

He also noted that one cannot be a leader on his own; hence, he shared some tips on what to do as a leader.

“You want to change something about the world, but you can’t do it by yourself. Therefore, you need to build a team, and that is how come you become a leader and share the vision with others that you can infect”, he advised.

According to him, one must not only infect people with a vision but also give them the values and create the right culture around them that will deliver what the vision is.

“You have a vision, and therefore, you’ll need a team to infect with your vision and create the right culture with the right values for them to be able to capture the vision”, he said.

Capt. Kofi Amoabeng urged that one can control the element that will ensure their vision is achieved with the right culture.

He stressed that when the person with the vision takes the first step, people start to react positively towards it. “Therefore, there is a vision and the right plan; there is nothing to fear.

“There must be something which is urging you to change the world around you. First, you must receive the calling…once you respond to the call, you must have envisioned how you’re going to effectively create the change, then build a team to infect with that vision, creating the right culture to ensure that you achieve the vision,” he concluded.

Prince Kofi Amoabeng is a Ghanaian businessman and a former military officer of the Ghanaian Armed Forces. He was a co-founder of UT Bank, which collapsed in 2017 during Ghana’s banking crisis.

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