The Referees Association of Ghana has withdrawn their services from the Normalisation Committee Special Cup due to unpaid allowances.

According to a statement released on Monday, the Normalisation Committee failed to settle officiating fees before the end of April.

The letter signed by Deputy General Secretary Kwao Sampson read: ”We write to inform you that the Referees Association of Ghana after carefully deliberating on your failure to redeem your promise of paying all outstanding officiating fees owed our members before the close of April 2019, we have decided to call on all our members to suspend handling all football match officiating at all levels and at all league centres from tomorrow, 7th May, 2019.

”RAG is compelled to take this tough decision because several letters were written drawing your attention to the unpaid officiating allowances and other things which were consistently not attended to. All RAG members owed are finding it difficult to travel to match venues due to the unpaid allowances.

“Apart from this, RAG National Executives also placed several calls to various Executive Members of Normalisation Committee without any favourable feedback.

“As a result of the above, members of Referees Association of Ghana have the firm instruction to SUSPEND all activities relating to match officiating from tomorrow until all issues relating to outstanding unpaid officiating fees and other Referee challenges are immediately resolved.”

The competition entered matchday nine this past weekend.