The Migrant Labour General Workers Union International with the Education Department Finnish-French Migrant Resource Centre (MLGWUI-FFMRC) has pleaded with the government to unconditionally release or grant pardon to all Covid-19 detainees from prisons or any custody.

MLGWUI-FFMRC made the call in a letter issued by the General Secretary and Head of Education in International Relations, Justice Baako Ntarmah.

The Group also applauded President Akufo-Addo for opening the land borders and easing the Covid-19 restrictions.

MLGWUI-FFMRC further cautioned migrant workers that “it is illegal to deposit a passport with a travel agency or agent in respect of employment relations as waiting for Labour Migration opportunity.”

“Please, intended Emigrant and Migrant Worker, hold your passport until your agreed agency calls you for the confirmation of your Labour Migration or due time for Labour Market,” the release dated April 1 noted.

Regardless, the MLGWUI-FFMRC commended genuine employers, travel agencies, or agents for assisting migrant workers and also warned them not to withhold or seize clients’ passports, related travel documents, or deceive migrants with greener opportunities which are not available abroad.

MLGWUI-FFMRC further urged prospective or new investors, as well as Expatriate Employers in Ghana, to contact MLGWUI-FFMRC for assistance in the selection of qualified workers for decent work.