In the wake of the coronavirus, the Ghana National Canoe Fishermen Council is urging artisanal fishers in the country to report people who will try to use the landing beaches across the country as their transit point.

The Council noted that, with the extended closure of the country’s borders and ban on flights, people may resort to the use of our water bodies like the sea since fishers are allowed to work in this period of a partial lockdown.

A statement released by the GNCFC and signed by Nana Joojo Solomon who is a National Executive Member, said, ‘the world is facing a pandemic, and it is extremely important that fishers complement the efforts of government to avoid the further spread of coronavirus.’

The statement continued, ‘with the spread of this COVID-19, it is important to safeguard the livelihood of coastal communities to avoid poverty, hunger and unrest.

Chief fishermen at the various landing beaches in Ghana are assisting in protecting fishers in their locality due to the vulnerable nature of the entry points in these areas.

The Council also wish to see more surveillance by the marine police on the country’s waters and landing beaches in order to clamp down on people who may want to illegally enter the country through these unapproved roots.

The group entreated on all members to heed to the World Health Organization (WHO) protocol to stop the spread of Covid-19.

The GNCFC urged its members to limit contact with people outside their family and avoid touching of eyes, nose and mouth.