Following the above mentioned publication online purported to have originated from a so-called pro-NDC group Global Network for Bare Facts (GNFBF) on the 3rd of April 2013, Mr Kukubor instituted legal action in the High Court against Multimedia Group Limited for Defamation.

However, Mr. Kukubor has brought the following facts to the attention of the publisher:

Mr. Kukubor claims that he has never engaged in any dubious acts which contributed to the current power crises confronting the country and that the course which he attended in Canada was not meant for any senior staff. The course was part of the ECG 2012 foreign training programmes and it was budgeted for Mr. Kukubor to attend.

The duration of the programme according to the budget was three (3) weeks and this according to Mr. Kukubor was approved by the Acting Managing Director of ECG for Mr. Kukubor.

Also according to Mr. Kukubor the same programme was budgeted for in the 2011 Corporate Training Programmes and it was budgeted for specifically for his benefit.

From documents now made available to us by Mr. Kukubor, it is evident he participated in the course in 2012 in Canada for the three-week period which according to him was approved for him by the Acting Managing Director.

Mr. Kukubor also made available to us documents from the International Center for Capacity Development (ICCD) in Toronto, Canada the organizers of the                 programme, confirming that he attended the programme. The  documents therefore showed that Mr. Kukubor did not abandon the programme as was                       published.

Mr. Kukubor also confirmed that he did not forge any course certificates and that the certificate he presented after attending the programme was genuine as confirmed by the course organizers and the issuing authorities ICCD, CANADA.  The certificate therefore did not generate any doubts in the minds of the ECG management as claimed.

According to Mr. Kukubor he has never admitted any wrong-doing to anybody whatsoever to warrant any disciplinary action against him.

According to Mr. Kukubor he has never manipulated any junior engineers in relation to the load-shedding and black-outs especially in the Accra-Tema Metropolis and created problems for the company.

The facts undeniably show that Mr. Kukubor is not a saboteur and his re-instatement, which he confirmed by documents from the ECG was therefore justified.

From the facts there is no wrong-doing on the part of Mr. Kukubor to warrant any agitation from ECG and its stakeholders let alone a likely nationwide demonstration by its staff.

The false information, according to Mr. Kukubor was fabricated by some misguided and mischievous persons to tarnish the image of Mr. Kukubor because of his commitment to the company. The publication is hereby retracted accordingly.