The residents of Kanvili have complained of a lack of access to potable water in the community for a long period of time.

Some residents say that the dam, which served as their main source of water has become a source of concern, as the forest situated in close proximity to the dam is known for open defecation.

Other residents also complain that they have not had water flow through their taps for 2 years and even in the raining season where they hoped for water to flow, it did not.

However, the Assembly man at the area Abdaran Haman Samuels stated that the assembly has tried to intervene but there are still challenges.

“For the past 6 months we have not had water flowing in our taps, so we have to buy water daily or we have to go to the next community and sometimes the dam, which is nearly dried up,” the Assembly man said.

He added that, there are some other nearby communities which also encounter the same problem.

The Kanvili community currently have 2 wells, which was given to them by the MP of the area.