The Acting Director-General, Public Affairs Unit of the Ghana Police Service, has made a shocking revelation about armed robbers who engaged in a shootout with personnel at Opeibea, near the Kotoka International Airport.

According to the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Kwesi Ofori, the robbers have a violent background and have been on the regional Police Command’s radar for some time.

He added that the robbers are aware that the Police have been trailing them for long, so they know how to executive their job.

“These robbers, who engaged in a gun battle with the Police, have been on the Police wanted list for some time. They have been engaged in criminal acts leading to deaths of people and so we have been trailing them for long,” he said.

Police on Monday shot to death, three armed robbers in a shootout around Shiashie.

The deceased were identified as Akika Christian Roberts, Alhassan and Alhaji.

Abdul Latif, aged 47, and Prosper Koku, 27 years old, who were suspected to be accomplices of the gang, were arrested and put in Police custody to assist with investigations.

Bodies of the three deceased persons have been deposited at the Police Hospital Morgue for autopsy.

Meanwhile, a statement from the police said intelligence available to them indicated that the gang planned to attack and rob a businessman who was about to withdraw money from a bank around Airport.

Robbers who engaged in gun battle with police have been on the radar for long - ACP Kwesi Ofori

The statement said Akika Christian Robert, who was armed with a Taurus foreign pistol shot and wounded a Police officer in the shootout but “succumbed to Police firing power.”

It said the Police Officer, who sustained gunshot wounds in the right leg, is in stable condition and receiving medical attention.

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