The Asutifi North Directorate of the Ghana Health Services has said the transport of samples to Kumasi Center for Collaborative Research (KCCR) is becoming a major challenge for them this year.

District Health Director, Foster Nyarko, said though Newmont Ghana as part of its operations has donated a pickup to the directorate, fueling it to deliver suspected Covid-19 samples to the laboratory in Kumasi has not been easy.

In an interview with JoyNews, Mr. Nyarko said they hope to get support in that regard, especially from the district assembly. 

This is because the samples are so delicate it requires to be transported under strict observation.

He revealed with their collaboration with Newmont Ghana, KCCR now has a testing centre at Kenyasi awaiting the PCR machine to be installed.

He expects the fixing of the PCR machine near them to solve their transportation challenges.

The Asutifi North District has recorded no death so far but 13 Covid-19 cases since January 2021, with 70 samples currently awaiting results.

 “The delay in getting results from KCCR affects our case management”, he stressed.

Foster Nyarko also expressed worry over the lukewarm attitude of residents toward the Covid-19 safety protocols.

“Hands are no longer being washed as Veronica buckets are no longer in use,” he revealed.

He also said the level of compliance at the Senior High Schools is encouraging which is a sharp contrast from the situation at the basic schools.

“We have visited schools such as Gyamfi Kumanini SHS, Ola Girls SHS, and some Basic and Junior High Schools to educate the students and staff on the safety measures,” he said.

Mr Nyarko said though the district health directorate of the Health Services will continue the risk education, they need support to fund the transport of samples, contact tracing, and health risk outreach.

He thanked Newmont Ghana and the Regional Medical Stores for their unrelenting supply of PPEs.