Shatta Wale and Sarkodie

Sarkodie has disclosed he was able to seal a deal he had been following abroad with the help of Beyoncé’s ‘Already’ song featuring Shatta Wale.

According to him, the investors, at the time, did not believe much in Afrobeat hence they were hesitant to work with him.

However, after Beyoncé released ‘The Lion King; the Gift’ album, in July 2019, which had sampled Afrobeats tunes, featured Afrobeats artistes, including Mr Eazi and Burna Boy, and then had ‘Already’, an Afrobeat beat tune, making waves, it was easy for them to sign the deal.

The rapper said on the Dentaa Show that when ‘The Lion King; The Gift’ album was released, “I just didn’t see Shatta Wale winning…because that move right there got me through that contract.”

Sarkodie was among the Ghanaians who praised Shatta Wale for landing a collaboration Beyoncé on her ‘The Lion King; the Gift’ album.

He took to Twitter to express his happiness at seeing Afrobeat make it to the world stage.

“Queen [Beyoncé] didn’t mind being a guest on the album!!! That’s ‘POWER’ Not the usual ‘touch of Afrobeats’, its AFROBEAT!! Represented well,” he wrote.

Sarkodie Already

Meanwhile, many people including Shatta Wale did not believe the ‘Highest’ rapper was genuinely happy for his milestone.

Sarkodie said, in the interview, that at the time when he praised Shatta Wale, that really was his state of mind adding that the Dancehall artiste’s win was a win for all.

“But Ghanaians are not used to that…because we are built (to question) that how can you be happy for another person doing another thing…everything is a competition,” the ‘Lucky’ hitmaker added.

But Sarkodie believes it is not wrong to be happy for someone, tap into their success and use that as a guide to achieve more.

He added that it was important for the industry to push Shatta Wale’s win because if it had failed, people would not be interested anymore.

“If Beyonce doesn’t get the response from us, it’s not gonna happen again. That means if Beyonce failed then no one is coming to do that again,” Sarkodie said.

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