District Chief Executive (DCE) for Sawla, Tamimu Lawal is reported to have attacked state security personnel after he was accused of hoarding district assembly properties in a Kia truck registered, GS 3781-13.

Police Commander ASP De-Graft Adjei and a National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) District officer were allegedly attacked by the DCE.

According to an eyewitness, the Kia truck was loaded with properties such as beds, mattresses, furniture, tables, street lights, TV sets and some sound systems.

Sources say, upon the police discovering where the said items were being taken to, Mr Tamimu Lawal verbally assaulted the Police Commander and challenged him to a fight.

Speaking to the media, Police Commander De-Graft Adjei said his department had received a call saying, the DCE had packed out of his residence with some items that had the assemblies initials (STKDA) printed on them.

ASP De-Graft Adjei disclosed that he together with a BNI officer, headed to the residence of Mr. Tamimu Lawal.

He stated that the DCE accused the police department of being affiliated with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and therefore had no right to stop him from packing.

The Police Commander added that the DCE has threatened to transfer him and the BNI officer out of the district.

According to him, Covid-19 PPEs which were supposed to be distributed to residents and departments in Sawla district were also retrieved.

Meanwhile all attempts to reach Mr Tamimu Lawal for his side of the story has proved futile.