Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo is urging Ghanaians to vote out president Akufo-Addo as Americans recently dumped Donald Trump.

According to him, the President’s performance, since he took office has been very abysmal hence the need for Ghanaians to show him the exit. 

Speaking at a campaign rally in Suhum as part of John Mahama’s tour of the Eastern Region, Mr Ofosu Ampofo descended on the President for mismanaging the economy.

“You see how the American’s recently did to their president Donald Trump? Let’s take a cue from them and send Akufo-Addo too home.

“He’s become an albatross on our neck and the only way we can regain our economic freedom is for us to vote against him just as the United States did to Trump,” he said

He also took Akufo-Addo on for the bad nature of the roads in the region. 

“If this is the noise they’ve been making about the year of roads, then I wonder if we are not in the year of roads as they say.

“On way from Somanya to here, we spent several hours because the roads were bad but they keep making noise about year of roads”

The United States Of America a few days ago voted for former Vice President, Joe Biden in a keenly contested election. 

The president-elect will replace Donald Trump who becomes one of America’s president to have served a term in office.