For the men and women who dedicate themselves to the pursuits of wellness, and compassion for others, medicine is a calling.

A senior medical officer at the Agona Swedru Municipal Hospital, Dr. Paulette Brown, tells The Mirror that she feels very gratified whenever she sees a sick person recovering and will do anything in her power to assist clients get back on their feet.

In an interview in Accra, she said: “I decided to be a medical doctor because of the immeasurable joy and satisfaction I have when I see a patient get better.”

According to her, although the purest form of kindness might have no audience and offer no credit or reward, the yield was always very gratifying.

“The seeds of kindness and compassion were sown in her life by her friend from Afghanistan, while she was in Medical School at China. He was so helpful during my stay. My perception of Afghans changed because of my experience with him. He told me I should always be kind to people, and these words had had a profound impact on my professional life”, she added.

Serving patients with a dose of kindness; Dr. Paulette Brown’s way of working
Dr. Paulette Brown

Spreading love and kindness

Some staff at the hospital told The Mirror, they had lost count of the number of clients Dr. Brown had assisted throughout her over five-year stay.

Earlier this month, she solicited funds to buy baby diapers, baby milk, and other food items, among others, for a new mother who was struggling to cater for her twins.

Aside that; she used her own funds to rent a room for the mother and bought a mattress for them.

The senior medical officer believes the best way to serve God is to serve humanity.

“All has not been rosy for me, at a point, I didn’t think I could make it to medical school, but I was actually inspired by a friend from Yemen, (Salwa) and many others. My Afghan friend made me realise that God can use anyone to help and so God can use me to help others as well. You have no idea the kind of satisfaction I get from these acts of kindness,” she explained.

Acting Medical Superintendent of the facility, Dr. Julius Abuku, commended Dr. Brown for always going the extra mile.

“Dr. Brown relates so well to everyone in the hospital. She always goes beyond her job description of providing extraordinary medical care by assisting clients who are less privileged, he said.

A midwifery officer at the facility, Ms. Rita Baffoe, also commended Dr. Brown for her selflessness.

“She is the boss at the maternity ward and normally supports clients who have financial needs. At times, she calls the Department of Social Welfare to come to their aid but she uses her own money to settle outstanding bills, gives new mothers baby clothes, food and more,” she added.

A mother of a beneficiary, Ms. Charity Asare, expressed profound gratitude to the medical officer for her immense support.

“I pray for God’s blessings for her. She was so helpful when my daughter was on admission at this hospital. She made sure we lacked nothing. She even settled our bills and bought drugs for her because I was not in a position to pay”, she said.

Another beneficiary, Ms. Rashida Boatemaa, expressed profound appreciation to the medical officer.

“God richly bless Dr. Brown for all her support; I am truly grateful”, she added.

The senior medical officer, who is in her early 40s, said she was very passionate about maternal health and committed to helping women go through safe pregnancy, have healthy babies and have good reproductive health.