Residents of Odumse-Ladowayo, a community in the Shai Osudoku District of the Greater Accra Region, heaved a sigh of relief as they took delivery of a modern health facility.

Built for them through the lobbying skills of their Member of Parliament (MP), Linda Akweley Ocloo, the facility will reduce the burden of residents who travel long distances to access health care. Hitherto, residents commute from the community to the capital, Dodowa for healthcare services.

Valued at GH¢250,000, the facility was funded by the Qatar Charity Foundation, a non-governmental organization that operates in over 60 countries globally.

The centre was commissioned and handed over to the Ghana Health Service, who are expected to run quality healthcare services to five other surrounding rural communities.

Linda Akweley Ocloo, commissioning the project, noted that health care delivery in the area will be enhanced.

“The uniqueness I see is that it will ease the pressure on the Dodowa District Hospital. The fact is, the District Hospital is not serving the people of Dodowa alone. People travel from other adjoining districts to seek health care. So, we are really facing a District health challenge that needs a considerable effort and planning to address,” she said.

The MP expressed worry over the gap in access to health facilities in the district.

“As we speak now, the condition in Agortor and other areas is growing worse and worse day by day. And this is why I will always remain thankful to the Qatar Charity Foundation for supporting the district to bridge this yawning gap in access to health facilities,” she added.

On his part, the Shai Osudoku District Health Director, Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Asiamah said the provision of the health facility at Odumse is long overdue.

He stated that due to its strategic location, it will serve surrounding communities such as Ladowayo, Sota, Mobole and parts of Afienya with an estimated population of 7,000.

“At this facility, the populace will receive a wide range of services, specially designed to meet their needs including; clinical care, maternal care, and reproductive health, nutrition, preventative care as well as Mental Health,” Dr Asiamah said.

The County Director of Qatar Charity Foundation, Ahmed Mohammed Adams, in his speech said they were motivated to build the project following persistent calls on them by the MP.

He disclosed that the Foundation has over 900 projects established in Ghana in areas such as Education, Health, water and many more.

He appreciated the Chiefs and people of Odumse-Ladowayo for releasing land for the project.

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