Shatta Wale (Credit: Instagram - @shattawalenima. Pjoto taken by Manuel Photography)

A road contractor says dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has assaulted him and his workers at Adjiringanor in Accra.

The engineer on site, Kennedy Acquah, says the artiste was angry that they did not extend the work on the road to his office.

Speaking told Accra-based Starr FM that “he (Shatta Wale) sent someone to us on Saturday to tell us to extend the road to his office, but we told them the length of the road and areas covered are contractual matters and not decided by the site workers.”

Mr Acquah said that he relayed to the team that they could take the matter up with the project supervisors of the Department of Urban Roads.

However, on Monday, an angry Shatta Wale stormed the site despite the road block to question the engineer about their failure to heed to his request.

“I went close to tell him I was in charge and before I could explain anything, one of the guys with him just slapped me and he was looking on.”

Mr Acquah said that although they called the police to the site, they failed to hold Shatta Wale responsible for the attack.

“There were several guys on motorbikes with him (Shatta Wale). The incident was captured on video by people passing by. The police came there but did nothing about the assault on me; they rather exchanged pleasantries with him and told me to be careful.”

Also, speaking on Hitz FM, the contractor said that Shatta Wale had driven on the freshly asphalted road demanding the people stop work.

“Everyone was scared, and as the engineer on sight, I asked them to move the machine, continue the work and disregard what he was saying. Once I said that he came at me, verbally assaulting me. He verbally assaulted me and walked off.”

Mr Acquah said is ready to file a formal complaint at the police station after visiting the hospital.

In some videos that have gone viral on social media, Shatta Wale is seen angrily complaining about the work the contractors were doing.


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