Shop owners in the Cape Coast Metropolis have expressed satisfaction about patronage of products ahead of this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration.

Valentine’s Day, which is also known as the feast of Saint Valentine is marked on the 14th day of the second month in every year.

Emanating from a western Christian feast day, it is marked to honour a saint named Valentine and seen as a religious and commercial celebration of life in many countries.

As part of the celebration, celebrants wear red clothes as a symbol of love and in Ghana it is also known as the National Chocolate Day to promote the patronage of the Ghanaian product.

A tour by the GNA around the Cape Coast Metropolis showed that shops were stocked with products that meet the preference of customers including hampers, wines, red clothes, shoes and bags, teddy bears, gift cards, flowers, chocolate and many others.

 In an interview with a number of shop owners, Mrs Aba Spio Gabrah, a shop owner, said her items were affordable and met the surprise needs of lovers and all classes of people.

“People need to surprise their loved ones with special treat from us, so we are here to help you make this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration a memorable one by offering you exactly what you need,” she added.

About sales, she indicated that it had been good so far compared to last year’s and she hoped to sell all her products at the end of the celebration.

A boutique owner, Miss Irene Baidoo also indicated during valentine that she usually sold red clothes, bags and shoes that matched the occasion and that greatly increased sales.

Mr Raymond Blankson, a customer, urged women to make bold steps to also surprise their partners in the month.

“We are all in this together, but women leave everything for us on Val’s Day and that is not fair at all, they make it look like it’s another responsibility of men”.