SIC Life Company Limited has been inducted into the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIMG) Ghana Hall of Fame.

This award at the 28th edition of the National Marketing Performance Awards held at the Accra International Conference Centre on Friday, 28th September 2018, is in recognition of the company’s exceptional performance in the insurance industry.

SIC Life which prides itself as a ‘True Friend for Life’ was adjudged the CIMG Insurance Company of the Year in 2016 after winning same award in 2014 and 2015 consecutively.

As the company reaches its 11 years milestone, management said it has dedicated the award together with several others won to the loyal clients throughout the nation.

Managing Director of SIC Life, Mrs. Elizabeth Wyns-Dogbe emphasised that the award had boosted their confidence to render first-class services to their loyal and dedicated customers who had supported them over the years.

The award, she noted will enable them “keep up with marketing standards which will translate to branding Ghana to a level of Ghana beyond aid”.

Mrs. Elizabeth Wyns-Dogbe added that, SIC Life is committed to introducing more innovative and value for money products which will leave a positive impact on society.

SIC Life Company Limited (SIC Life) originally existed as the Life Division of the reputable multi-line insurer, State Insurance Company of Ghana Limited (SIC) which has been in operation since 1962.

In conformity with the provision of the Insurance Act 2006, Act 724, SIC Life was established as a fully licensed Life Insurance Company in 2007.

Currently, SIC Life is one of the largest and most reputable insurance companies in Ghana controlling a significant share of the insurance market in Life Insurance business and was adjudged the CIMG Life Insurance Company of the year 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015 and for 2016.

The Company is the leader in the Life Insurance industry in terms of key performance indicators such as capital base, shareholders’ fund, total assets and controls a significant share of the life insurance market.

With its solid financial base, coupled with highly motivated and experienced human resource, SIC Life is well positioned to maintain its dominance of the Life Insurance Market through prudent management and sound technical practices. The Company has a very strong Information Technology base with all our Branch offices networked.

SIC Life enjoys a favourable image within the Life Insurance industry both locally and internationally with a wide network of Branch and contact Offices throughout the country. It also has a large Agency Force whose focus is to respond professionally to the varying needs of the insuring public. SIC Life is by far the most reliable and trusted life insurer in Ghana.


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