Mantrac Ghana, a leading heavy equipment in the country has organized a days’ forum in Accra for selected small and medium scale mining customers. 

 The forum is part Mantrac Ghana plan of helping these customers to reduce their operational cost and maximizing their profits.

The one day event which was oversubscribed had in attendance selected small and medium scale mining firms from all over Ghana, as well as Caterpillar and Mantrac Group mining experts.

It created a platform the local mining firms to interact with the technical experts from Mantrac and also get educated on the latest Caterpillar mining applications to enhance the efficiency of small and medium scale mining operations.

Small and medium scale miners partner Mantrac

Some participants at the forum

The Managing Director of Mantrac Ghana Limited,Mr. Emad Adeeb, in his welcome address said that the company, having operated in Ghana for close to eight years was committed to supporting the businesses of small and medium scale mining due to its huge contribution to Ghana’ economic development as well as the being part of Ghana major foreign exchange earnings.

He noted that in Ghana, over 25 large scale mining firms and over 300 registered small and medium scale mining firms who are responsible for about 35% of the total gold production in Ghana.

There is therefore the need to extend customized support to this category. That is why Mantrac is embarking on this exclusive forum to help them access best practices and customized Cat Machines for their activities whiles maintaining good health and safety practices.

Caterpillar Systems and Applications Specialist, Steven Faucher, also made a presentation on Fleet Selection for Surface Gold Mining using local examples with practical demonstration videos to the admiration of the delegates.

Partnering this event was Stanbic Bank Ghana limited, the local representatives for Caterpillar Financial Services.

In his submission, Mr. Wisdom Tawiah Head of Assets Finance at Stanbic Bank appealed to customers in small and medium scale mining to take advantage of the customized financial solutions provided by CAT Finance to expand their Machines Fleet and increase production.


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