The aged bald-headed and articulate President, clad in a crisp dark brown Ghana Print Textile shirt, was back on our screens last night. The purpose: his tenth address to the Republic on the Covid-19 pandemic and a roadmap towards normalcy.

Ghana has currently recorded 8,070 positive cases, 2,947 recoveries and 36 deaths.

Of course, the President didn’t hesitate to tout the dexterity of his cabinet and appointees. Akufo-Addo, the veteran statesman with a striking napoleon complex, characteristic of his diminutive structure, is utterly convinced, measured by his own expectations, that the situation could be far worse.

There are still 5,087 patients undergoing treatment. I’m eager to see each and every single one of them back on their feet — firm and fit. If there is a time to prove that, indeed, Ghanaian hospitality is a virtue instilled in each citizen, this is it.

We must warmly receive people that have endured absurd pain and fled the oppressive grip of the virus. Let’s bury the idea of stigmatization and be mindful of the manner in which we treat survivors.

Meanwhile, self-professed men and women of God, nervous about the government’s position on social gatherings, finally have some relief. God’s cash hasn’t been able to fund charity initiatives and staff salaries for some months now. The President has finally eased restrictions and churches can hold up to a 100 people for an hour.

But I can’t quite figure out what criteria would guide a fair selection process for congregant’s worthy of attendance.

Perhaps, the seats may be lined up with financiers and devout long-standing tithe-paying members. Or admission could be decided on a first-come first-serve basis and a standard priced fee? It’ll be an indictment on the integrity of the church if relatively less privileged regular congregants are excluded from service henceforth.


Vincent Djokoto is an Adviser at D. K. T. Djokoto & Co and a Columnist passionate about politics, pop culture and history. He is an avid chess player, music enthusiast and Accra Hearts of Oak fan. Twitter/Instagram: @VLKDjokoto