President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Roland Affail Monney, has been criticised by users of social media for wrongly passing judgement on Citi FM journalist, Caleb Kudah’s filming of vehicles abandoned at the precincts of the National Security Ministry.

Mr Affail Monney in an interview on Joy FM stated that the journalist in question had breached article 13 of the Association’s Code of Ethics for filming at the National Security premises without authorisation.

But in a recent development, the GFA President has retracted his earlier comment stating that information before him at the time of the comment was scanty, resulting in his misjudgment on the matter.

“The information I had before the interview was scanty. What is available now is sufficient, as legal luminaries, distinguished ethicists, and social critics slice and dice the issue from all angles.

“I, therefore, render my sincerest apology for any misimpression created that I was insensitive to the plight of the journalists but excited about the excesses by the National Security operatives. Indeed, those excesses pass for wickedness at its most naked nastiness. And I totally denounce them,” he said.

For some social media users, however, his apology puts a dent on his ability to lead media practitioners in the country.

They also refuse to accept that the GJA President could comment on such a sensitive issue without being properly informed.