The lifeless body of the school boy

A young schoolboy believed to be 10-years-old has on Thursday morning met his untimely death at Awutu Beraku as a speeding tipper truck hit him.

Eyewitnesses indicated that the deceased and his friends were crossing the road from Akrampa junction to the opposite direction on the Kasoa-Winneba Highway.

“They were two, the younger one quickly moved back when he saw the truck, unfortunately the other got hit by the truck in an attempt to quickly cross the road,” an eye witness said.

“His head was smashed and there’s nothing to be done so the other one rushed home to call their mother,” another witness said.

The witnesses said the tipper truck, with the registration number GR 8763-21 was from Kasoa heading towards Awutu Beraku when it hit the schoolboy.

They averred that such accidents occur persistently on the road as “the road is not straight, and the tipper trucks, in particular, are always speeding here.”

According to them, the non-availability of speed ramps on the road is a major cause as there are no other means to reduce the speed of vehicles on the road.

They are therefore calling on the Ministry of Highways to as a matter of urgency come to their aid and curb the situation.

“If nothing is done about this road, at least a speed ramp, then I’m afraid this is what we will be seeing here because they are always speeding.”