The Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) has begun a public sensitization campaign dubbed “SLTF at your doorstep”.

The campaign involves an intensive nationwide public education drive, aimed at sensitizing beneficiaries on the importance of repaying their student loans for the sustainability of the Fund.

The public will also be educated on the various options that are available to facilitate convenient repayment of loans.

During the campaign, the SLTF will be engaging with key stakeholders including employers who are by law obliged to deduct loan payments from employee salaries on behalf of the Fund.

According to the Head of Public Relations at the Fund, Mr. George Ferguson Laing plans are underway to prosecute some long standing defaulters of the Fund.

“This year’s public education campaign comes at a difficult time when there have been delays in the allocation of funds to the SLTF from Government for disbursement to students. We have however been able to pay some students with monies received from borrowers” he said.

He appealed to beneficiaries of the Fund to live up to their moral and legal obligations and  repay their loans to create the opportunity for a new generation of Ghanaians to access tertiary education.

The Fund currently disburses loans to over thirty-five thousand students in 105 tertiary institutions across the country.