Tamale Metropolis Chief Executive (MCE), Sule Salifu

President Akufo-Addo’s nominee for the Tamale Metropolis Chief Executive, Sule Salifu, has been confirmed.

He secured 40 votes out of the 57 valid votes representing 68%. A total of 59 assemble members comprising 41 elected members and 18 government appointees voted. Two ballots were rejected.

The newly-elected mayor was sworn in by a Tamale Magistrate Judge his worship Amadu Issifu.

Addressing the gathering after been sworn in, Mr Salifu urged all assembly members to eschew their political and parochial interest and put the development agenda of the Tamale Metropolis first.

This, he said, is the only way the area will receive the needed development.

Sule Salifu confirmed as Tamale MCE
Tamale Metropolis Chief Executive, Sule Salifu

Mr Salifu said the area cannot develop without the support of the people.

He thanked the chiefs and people of the region for their support. Mr Salifu also thanked the various political parties for their cooperation.

The Northern Regional Minister, Alhassan Shani, earlier ahead of the confirmation raised concerns over what he called lawlessness in the Metropolis.

He said the development is threatening peace in the region.

Alhaji Shani urged all to help address the challenges confronting the area.

He also urged assembly members at the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly to place the city’s development agenda as their topmost priority.

He said the Metropolis is bedevilled with several challenges that need to be addressed soon.

Alhaji Shani added that the President has good intentions for Tamale, for which reason there are several development projects ongoing.

He named some of the projects such as the ongoing interchange, water expansion project, asphalting of inner-city roads and the soon-to-commence Phase 3 of Tamale airport project.

This, he said, can be only facilitated if there is effective leadership at the assembly.

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