The Swift Institute on Monday signed an agreement with an international expert and consultant on internet and web-based jobs solution, Mr. Stevy Daic Ndjala Totolo.

The agreement is to help create awareness about online-based jobs and employment avenues for Ghanaians.

The signing of the contract took place at the Swift Institute, behind Best Point Financial Services on the Accra-Ofankor Road.

Mr. Ndjala Totolo has vast experience locally and internationally on how to create employment opportunities online. He would be teaming up with staff at the Swift Institute to create modules dedicated to creating awareness for applicants on how they can access online-based jobs for themselves using the worldwide web and the internet.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Kenneth Kuranchie, the Founder of the Swift Institute, said that the biggest economic, social and political problem facing Ghanaians at present, was unemployment.

“I am daily inundated with CVs and application letters from members of the public, particularly young people and graduates seeking for jobs. That is why I was particularly enthralled by the proposals from Mr. Ndjala Totolo, on how jobs can be accessed online for those willing to try,” Mr. Kuranchie said.

He said that the proposal has the potential of creating thousands and thousands of sustainable employment opportunities.

“So far, what I have seen suggests that people can make an honest living just by following up opportunities on the internet,” Mr. Kuranchie said.

On his part, Mr. Ndjala Totolo said that what he had to offer was opportunities for all people.

“My module is for virtually everyone, with the exception of very few experts. For instance, it does not matter whether you are a journalist or a hairdresser or a teacher. It is for the university graduate, the SSS leaver as well as the JSS leaver. In fact, in so far as you know how to use a computer and access the internet, there are opportunities online for you. What I do is make you aware of the opportunities online so that you can access them for yourself and start making money,” Mr. Ndjala Totolo said.

Under the agreement, which starts immediately, Swift Institute would offer space and other logistical needs to Mr. Ndjala Totolo and his team of experts to meet with and teach applicants, whilst Mr. Totolo would offer tuition to the applicants on how to become aware of the employment opportunities online.