A high-powered government delegation is heading to the Northern regional capital of Tamale, to assess the situation on the ground after a flood that left hundreds of residents homeless.

Deputy Chief of Staff, Samuel Abu Jinapor told Joy FM, Wednesday, that President Nana Akufo-Addo is awaiting their report to enable him to take appropriate action.

So far four people are reported dead including a seven-year-old school girl and a woman in her 50s. A thousand others have been displaced following torrential rains.

Some of the communities severely affected include Dohinayile, Jakarayili, Fou, Taha, and Sawaba.

“He [President] is terribly sad with the situation. We have not had many floods which are relatively devastating floods in Accra because the Minister of Housing has been putting in a lot of measures since we came into office.

“We all pray and hope these measure bear fruits,” he said. 

Schools and hospitals have been submerged with many homes destroyed.

One person whose house was flooded said, they least expected the rains to have poured with such intensity over the four-hour duration.

“It was disastrous as many houses around here are on waterways. The situation is very bad since it happened yesterday.

“There was nothing I could pick from my room. I am still wearing my cloth from yesterday, I am really confused and don’t know what to do,” one of the affected persons told Joy News.

Another victim said he had to sleep over at a friends place and will be at his home to see what he can salvage from what the flood left.

He said he is scared to clean up and move in as the clouds are showing signs of another downpour in the offing.

“You clean and the rain comes again and the place gets flooded again, work done is zero,” he said.

Joy News’ regional correspondent, Martina Bugri, reports that the situation “is very terrible as those affected are yet to recover from the shock.”

One of the zonal directors of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), Mr Salisu Lukman, said they could not do much on Tuesday when the rain was at its worst.

He said their efforts were hampered because they did not have the equipment to go to the affected communities.

The reporter spoke of total despair and dejection among the affected people as NADMO is yet to distribute any relief items to them.