Residents of Zujung, Lamashegu and Nakpan Zou in the Tamale Metropolis of the Northern Region are incensed after police assaulted several residents in these areas over illegal electricity connections.

The residents say the police should have rather arrested offenders and present them before a competent court without beating them up.

The Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo) had visited these areas to embark on inspection of those using power illegally but the situation turned sour when some of the residents were whipped in the process by the police.

A victim who does not want his name mentioned said he was holding his phone and the police accused him of trying to call someone reason they started lashing him.

He said even though he said he was not calling anyone, they continued whipping him.

The residents want the police to investigate the matter and bring the officers involved in the assault to book.

But Northern Region Crime Officer Superintendent Bernard Baba Ananga said the matter has not come to the attention of the command yet.

He, however, added that they as a command will also begin their investigations to ascertain the veracity of the matter.

When contacted Public Relations Officer of NEDCo, Maxwell Kotoka told JoyNews his outfit has begun investigations into the matter.

He said NEDCo as a brand is concerned because it was through their operation the assault happened.
Mr Kotoka added they are unable to comment further until they firm up on what transpired.

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