Management of Tex Styles Ghana Limited, manufacturer of GTP and Vilisco textile prints, is set to empower 5,000 tailors and dressmakers across the country in the next three to five years.

According to its Managing Director, Fatoumata Doro, its agenda is to become the finest fashion brand in the country and beyond.

Speaking to Joy Business at the re-launch of its Fashion Show, she said GTP wants to consolidate its goal by being more innovative.

“We want to sustain our goal to become innovative and come out with new ways of defining our business. We are going to strengthen our relations with the designers [fashion].  We are going to empower Ghanaian Tailors Association. We have a target of empowering more than 5,000 tailors for the next three to five years”.

In the past, there were about 17 companies in the textile industry but it’s left with five.

In view of this, Madam Doro called for repositioning of the GTP brand to build a lasting legacy in Ghana.

“We want to be a premium African fashion brand, what does it mean? Why do we want to do that? We have seen over the years and since the 1980s that many of the manufacturers or textile companies have collapsed. So change is needed because if we continue that way, then most likely we will collapse.”  Fatoumata Doro retreated.

“Our aim is to grow the company to become a global brand and not a manufacturing company as it is known for. This is the reason why they have thought it wise to train and empower young tailors to move along with their vision to make good designs with their fabric for all sundry to be happy with”, she mentioned.

On the Other hand, the Brand Ambassador for GTP, Martha Ankomah elaborated that GTP has come a long way to become an international brand.

She advised the workers of the company to do well to exhibit passion in their daily activities so as to strengthen the brand.

“We see the efforts, we see the designs, we see everything you guys are doing to make the brand stand out and trust me, you guys are not competing with the people [competitors] in this country. You guys are not competing just with the Africa continent, but you guys are competing with people worldwide and we are so proud of you”, she stressed.

“And so what is left is passion. Why am I using  passion,  I have been passionate about working for this company  for years, ever since they decided to sign me on as brand ambassador. I told myself, you don’t just collect the money and go, you have to make sure whatever you are selling to the people, they also buy for people to make profit”, Martha Ankoma added.