It is well known that my Economics Degree was earned from the little Republic of Adumasa, and every now and then I use it. 

Today, 21st January, 2016, I once again beg you to allow me to use it.

The reckless increases of fuel and utility prices, is nothing but cheap targeting and lazy planning.  It will slow down the economy and the recovery will be very slow, painful and needless.

Join me this afternoon as I point out some loopholes, taking into account the fact that we have refused to widen the tax net.  So I will work with what we have.

Hope you have a heart that can withstand frustration and discontent.

My name is Nana Ansah Kwao IV. This afternoon at 2:05 pm on Joy 99.7fm, I will be your minister for finance, just for an hour.

Log on to and listen in live.