General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr Justice Yankson is backing an advocacy for the public to be educated on general hygiene.

Dr Yankson says providing public education on general hygiene is among effective measures to check the spread of the coronavirus.

“The whole education starts with general hygiene and that includes cutting of the finger nails and others,” he said.

The GMA General Secretary urged the public to ensure proper hand washing, making sure that the finger nails are properly cleaned in the process.

“Now when it comes to the hand washing, maybe people are yet to appreciate how the washing of hands must be done and even the using of sanitizers.

“As you wash your hands you are supposed to wash the finger nails as well,” he said.

Although the spread of coronavirus has become rampant worldwide and even in the country, Dr Yankson believes providing public education on basic tips on how to manage the coronavirus, such as the washing of the hands and using of hand sanitizers, can control its spread.

Ghana is among countries worldwide battling the coronavirus which has almost completely taken charge as no vaccine or cure has been identified thus far, yet the virus keeps spreading.

Records of over ten thousand cases are made worldwide with over thousand deaths recorded on a daily basis.

Ghana, currently stands at a total of 566 cases [as of 12 April 2020] with 8 deaths and 4 recoveries.

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