Charles Kwadwo Fosu, Showbiz name- Daddy Lumba or simply DL, is one of Ghana’s Highlife music icons.

Observers say he is one of the top three highlife gurus. The two others being, ‘Iron Boy’ Abrantie Amakye Dede and the Music Maestro, Kojo Antwi.

From love songs through ones that throw ‘shades’ at ‘against’ people, to Gospel, the ‘Aben Woha’ hit maker’s music has been the toast of many entertainment events.

Politically, to say that DL could take some credit for the presidency of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, is only a statement of fact. That’s because of the danceable and politically-appealing campaign song he composed for the President during the 2016 and 2020 electoral seasons.

The chorus, “Ye be ko ako ye nim, Nana Addo Dankwa a na ye nim”- we only know Nana, became a household tune in that era.

Indeed, his songs are loved by both the young and old, even if some find ‘Dr Pani3’ and 'Poison', too vulgar to listen or dance to.

On Friday, December 3, Joy Entertainment has selected this highlife music legend for the honours. He is being celebrated by all the Joy brands from morning till the electronic clock hits 00:00.

We at have weaved together, 52 titles of Daddy Lumba’s songs into a conversation he purportedly had with the late Theresa Nana Konadu Abebrese, his ex-girlfriend.

Charles Kwadwo Fosu and Theresa Nana Konadu Abebrese (Photo Credit-

Here we go:

My Sweetheart (Makoma tofe) ‘Theresa’. I feel you are troubled by something (Bribi gyegyewo).

I guess it’s about the allegation that you have put me under a spell (Ebi si eye eduro). I am aware that even if you hate me (Se wo tam me), you won’t do that owing to the nature of our love (Odo nti). So ignore them. Even if that is the case, I know I will never be destroyed (Men sei da).

It is evident that many of them are just hypocrites (Yene wo sere kwa). Therefore, let’s avoid a situation where someone will undervalue me (obi a te mesu bour). I guess you have been asking, so until when (Enkosi Daben).

Listen, no matter how long it takes, all these shall pass (Nkyekye wo nafe). What they don’t know is that ours is a fresh love (Odo Foforo).

Let’s concentrate on ourselves. The other day you said “Love must come home” (Odo mmra fie) and I told you “don’t close the door when you sleep” (Se woda a entu wopunu mo) then you intimated that “I would be dead by the time Love arrives” (Odo beba na mewu), that’s why I also said “then do what pleases you” (Ye nea wo ho beto wo).

I think you should stop making it difficult for me to discuss issues with you (Woho kyere). I say so because when I dialed the number ‘111666’, you did not respond. To what end? (Enko den). Let’s build this relationship with love (Yemfa odo).

Anyway, I will blame everything on poverty (Ohia asem). It is lack of money (Sika asem). If the pillow could speak (Se sumnye kasa a) it would tell you how much I love you. I won’t lie to you (Me ndaada wo). I like you so much (Mepe wasem bebree)

My prayer (Mme mpae bo) is for our father in heaven to remember me (Dada kai me). As it is now, things are scary (Huhuuhu). In fact ‘dangerous’. But since I worship Jesus (Mesum Jesus), I fear no evil.

When the time comes (Se mre no be soa) you would realise, that there are no greener pastures anywhere (bebia ne ha). What you need to do is have hope (Num nsuo twen ope)

And be careful of friends (Ghana Yonkuo). They like ready-made things (Aben woha).

You know I was a ‘Play boy’. Singing ‘Dr. Pani3’ and 'Poison' etc. Now I am born again. I know Jesus is with us, (Yesu Ka ye ho), so I want the world to sing (Amansan Nyinaa Nto Ndwom) that ‘My lord is able’.

Please join me in prayers. My saviour Jesus, (Magyenkwa pa Yesu) in thy sight, who is righteous (Hwan na otene)? Nobody.

‘Messiah’, I am so grateful that you saved me (Wagyeme).

Daddy Lumba Attends Funeral of Ex-Lover Theresa Abebrese (Photos) -  GhanaCelebrities.Com
Daddy Lumba Attended Theresa's funeral (Photo Credit

I acknowledge that there is nothing too hard for God (Enye nyame den). I am assured that there are good times ahead (Emeri pa beba). Indeed there is hope for everyone (enidaso wo ho ma obia).

So I will exalt your name to all nations (Mebo Wodin Akyere Aman).

Lest I forget, I ask for God’s blessings for women (Nyame Nyira Mma) for the role they play in the lives of 'Children of the Future’.

It’s time to go

Dear reader, always remember, the name is Jesus (Edin No Ne Jesus).

Good bye (Makramo)

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

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