President Akufo-Addo says there are no backlogs of tests at any of the country’s testing centres.

He said tests results that used to take weeks are now available within 48 hours.

According to him, the country “has so far conducted 427,121 tests.”

In his 15th update to the nation Sunday on measures government is taking to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, he explained that the figures mean “situational reports are up to date.”

There have been reports that the country is behind in testing samples taken from people which makes the country’s case a dire one as asymptomatic people could infect other people.

Some medical experts have had reason to question the figures released by the Ghana Health Service.

But the President said “these statistics undermine, as unfounded, the claim that Ghana has lost the battle to defeat Covid-19. There can only be one simple reason for this baseless assertion, and that is political expediency.

“But, as I have said before, do not begrudge those who make such statements, they need to make them to continue to try to stay relevant.”