The Twellium Foundation was honoured at the prestigious Millennium Excellence Awards ceremony for its continuous generosity to Ghanaians.

Many have lauded the company’s ‘Verna Changing People’s lives’ initiative for its immense and impactful projects that have been carried out in communities and schools nationwide.

The Foundation has been able to create job opportunities for many Ghanaians, contributing tremendously to the nation’s development by empowering women, providing shelter for the homeless, providing businesses for the disabled, reforming and renovating schools.

The Foundation has also granted scholarships to Ghanaian students, provided water wells in rural communities, renovated roads, constructed speed rumps, provided full health treatment for critical cases, sponsored Ghanaian youth activities, created awareness on global diseases and social problems like Aids, Cancer, drug abuse, Autism, among others as part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities.

This has aided the implementation of the 17 SDG goals (Sustainable Development Goals)  initiated by the United Nation worldwide and supported by President Akufo-Addo.

Twellium Foundation honoured at Millennium Excellence Awards for continuous generosity

The founders of Twellium Ghana, Hussein and Hassan Kesserwani, represented by their Chief Marketing Officer, Ali Ajami, who spoke on their behalf at the awards ceremony, reiterated their continued support to create more impactful works to help empower Ghanaians, expand the company and their huge investments in Ghana.

They believe that will lead to more job opportunities and the development of the Ghanaian economy by manufacturing and promoting proudly made in Ghana products that meet international standards.

The Millennium Excellence Awards, under its life patron Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II is one of the most prestigious awards in the country.

It recognises Ghanaians, Diplomats, and key stakeholders for their dedication, efforts, and contributions to Ghana’s Political and Socio-Economic developments.

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