Actor Van Vicker on Sunday, February 27, celebrated his first daughter, J’dyl’s 18th birthday. 

Taking to Instagram, the actor shared a picture of his daughter, captioning it “18 years? Wow!” indicating his surprise at how fast time has passed.

“Finally, you are an adult proper. 🥳🤣,” he wrote. He noted that he and his wife were proud parents.

Van Vicker went on to pray for his J’dyl, hoping she has a long life and her dreams come to pass.

“Your prognostication, planning, and execution will be guided and on point. No grotesque thing shall be your portion,” he wrote.

“You shall continue to grow in fortitude, intrepidity, and resoluteness. Your moxie shall be augmented, and my God shall protect and lead you in all your efforts. Prosperity, love, and happiness shall you enjoy in Jesus’ name,” he added.

Van Vicker, in another post, called J’dyl, an exceptional young lady.

He also shared a picture of himself with his wife and daughter posing with “18” balloons.