The National Insurance Commission (NIC) boss has revealed that processes are underway for the insurance industry to solely bear the cost of towing stationary or broken down vehicles from the road.

Dr Justice Ofori in an interview with Winston Amoah on JoyNews’ UpFront stated that the Ghana Insurance Association are undertaking the course as a “give back” to society.

“So we engaged with our regulated entities, the General Business Insurers who had already being working on this in the past. And we feel that we should be able to find a mechanism within the current premium regime without raising any additional cost.

“Because we know that all comprehensive vehicles in our country has a towing element in it. It is not going to be an easy thing but we want to pilot it in Accra, hopefully by August we hope that we might be able to start at no cost to the consumer,” he said.

Following government’s unsuccessful attempt to introduce a mandatory towing levy in 2018, the NIC Commissioner was of the view that, the “free towing service” to be operationalized by insurers will highlight the importance of towing damaged vehicles off roads to save lives.

“When the government tried introducing a levy society didn’t like it, society has to actually benefit and see the importance of the compulsory tow.

“But we all drive and we have seen that stationary or disabled vehicles on our roads are a danger to drivers and pedestrians so whatever we can do to make our road safe, we are going to start as an industry and then take it from there,” he stated.

Revealing how the programme is going to be funded, the NIC boss stated that they would depend on money from the comprehensive premiums that have been garnered so far.