Dancehall artiste Stonebwoy says he is not surprised that an official at Zylofon Music withheld requests for international collaborations from him.

According to him, the Zylofon Media official, Willie Roi, who is Artiste & Repertoire (A&R) Manager at Zylofon Music, has done things in the past that suggest that he doesn’t like him.

According to Artiste Manager and Entertainment critic, Mr Logic revealed on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM that American superstars R. Kelly and Teddy Riley had sent messages that they wanted to collaborate with Stonebwoy, who is signed to Zylofon Music.

Video: Zylofon official withholds R. Kelly, Teddy Riley collabo from Stonebwoy – Mr Logic

Mr Logic disclosed that Willie Roi refused to pass on that information to Stonebwoy and his management.

“He got a text message from the US. Teddy Riley and R. Kelly, it was two big American artistes wanted a collabo with Stonebwoy and then Willie told me, ‘you see this, I won’t pass this info to Stonebwoy because this guy is stubborn.’”

He quizzed why he would withhold such critical information from Stonebwoy, Willie Roi still said “no.”

Willie Roi, reacting to the allegation, told KMJ that “they were looking at Zylofon portfolio and they choose Stonebwoy to do a collaboration with, that is the choice of artiste they wanted to do a collaboration with. We are still waiting.”

He noted that such collaboration does not happen in a day. According to him, the collaboration is “not dead” and “we are still waiting for their schedules and then they will give us the time that we will go to the States.”

Reacting to the revelation that has shocked many, Stonebwoy noted, in an interview on Behind the Fame on Drive Time on Joy FM with Lexis Bill, that Mr Logic “did tell me [there was] something big…he did specify that when I came back home he was going to tell.”

Asked why he Willie Roi didn’t pass on the information to him, the dancehall act said: “if he is supposed to be a manager, why would you hold back such information from your artiste…something that will push your artiste.”

“As for Willie de33 by his deeds…we all know,” Stonebwoy noted and added that he has gone on about his hatred for him.

“You know that he doesn’t like…” and he does things that drag his image down.

The ‘Most Original’ hit singer noted that for a person like Willie Roi to be doing things against him shows that all is not well at Zylofon Music.

“I’m actually happy because this is where work speaks, this where divinity speaks…this is information for me…” and he is sure that if Willie Roi had the opportunity to give it someone else, he would have.

Stonebwoy believes that the recording “will always happen” because his name is written on it.