Telecom giants, Vodafone Ghana has expressed its commitment to build a robust network that will constantly make live easy for its numerous subscribers across the country.

This, they will do, by investing in more cell sites in different parts of the country in order to propel their 4G spectrum that was launched earlier this year.

This was disclosed by Gayheart Mensah, the Director of External Affairs at Vodafone Ghana, at a press soiree in Accra on Friday.

He said the company is planning to add 100 more cell sites to their current infrastructure in 2020.

Mr Mensah also said that the earlier challenges the network faced after the launch of the 4G technology have been adequately worked on.

The soiree also offered the External Communications Department of Vodafone Ghana to share an insight into their activities and corporate social responsibilities throughout the year.

The Director of External Affairs explained that the company, through its Vodafone Foundation, have made over 100 charitable donations to patients that were unable to pay their bills at different hospitals across the country.

Vodafone Ghana also supported over 2000 women in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in different regions of the country to help bridge the gap between males and females in STEM education in the country.

On the affordability of their internet bundles, Mr Mensah said Vodafone has the cheapest prices among all the telcos in the country.