Senior House Master at highlife musician, Kofi Kinaata’s alma mater Takoradi Technical Institute (TTI), Emmanuel Asare has disclosed their fulfillment by his progress.

Kofi Kinaata attended the school for his secondary education where he was also a performer.

Speaking with Becky on E-Vibes, Mr Asare who has been in the school for 11 years says they are happy for Kinaata especially because he started his career from the time he was in school.

According to him, Kofi Kinaata used to perform at the school’s entertainment events and that was when they realized his talent.

“During our entertainment programmes, most often than not, we allow them to do their freestyle, that’s where we realized that he has that talent. He would mount the stage and do some freestyles and students would be cheering, so we thought that might be his calling.”

He is also proud that Kofi Kinaata promotes technical education wherever he finds himself.

“The school is massively happy about what he has done for himself and portraying technical education wherever he goes, even his interviews, he mentions his alma mater. We believe he is projecting the brand, technical education. A lot of the students look up to him. We are proud of his achievements and we believe he will go far,” he said.

E Vibes is a weekly programme that delves into the background of the country’s celebrated personalities who are doing tremendous work in their chosen field of work.

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