Sometimes we all wish we have whatever we prayed for instantly but have you asked yourself how you would manage that thing you’re earnestly seeking and praying for? Are you praying for a job, promotion at your workplace, marriage, a baby or anything else? I want to ask you, “How prepared are you to manage what you are seeking and praying for?”

I believe while we are waiting, we need to prepare ourselves well. Are you praying for a job? Well you need to prepare your CV, read more on the position you wish to apply for, work on your attitude and build good human relations.

Are you a woman or man praying for a spouse for life? Then you need to identify and build on your talents, educate yourself more, master different dishes, assimilate wholesome counselling through the art, print and social media while also attending seminars and the like, when there is an opportunity. Finally, seek God to prepare you to be a good helpmate to your spouse.

As the Holy bible says, time and season happens to everyone and since your time is not up, I believe you need to prepare yourself to face the future. Sometimes we are jealous when we see other people have what we earnestly seek in life but hey, have you asked yourself how they are managing that? Can you manage it if you get it?

At times, we turn to compare ourselves with the people we started with: our peers, classmates age mates and colleagues and ask ourselves why we are where we are while they seem to be doing better than us. I’m here to tell you that you need to brace yourself to embrace the future when your time comes. You never know: God Almighty might be waiting on us to give what He has in store for us.

There are times too, God prepares us to face the future.  Permit me to look at few people in the Bible. David was anointed to be king in his teenage years but before he ascended the throne, He spent most of his youth fighting battles and running for his life. God was training David’s hands for battles.

Joseph, at seventeen, had a dream that his brothers were bowing before him but he became Prime Minister of Egypt at thirty. Between the time his brothers sold him and the time he became the Prime Minister, God was training and preparing his heart for the true leadership.

The first time we heard Jesus minister in the Bible was age twelve, but he began his ministry at age thirty and died at age thirty-three. Between age twelve and thirty what was he doing? I believe Jesus spent that time preparing himself for his mission.

In conclusion, as we wait for our breakthroughs and answered prayers, let’s avail ourselves to God Almighty to prepare us thoroughly so we can face the future.

About the author: Nana Adjoa Denkyi is passionate about mentoring and educating young ladies to become leaders of change. She currently works with an NGO in Accra which promote girls education and empowerment.