The “Ayew” name resounded throughout the country during the Black Stars’ stay in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

The Ayew brothers, Dede and Jordan Ayew, were on the lips of Ghanaians for their contribution to the team.

Some said Dede as the Captain of the Black Stars, pulled his weight while others thought otherwise.

Jordan Ayew, on the other hand, was criticised by many for his efforts.

After losing to Comoros, the senior national soccer team was trolled when they exited the tournament.

Following the team’s abysmal performance, head coach Milovan Rajevac has been sent packing by the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

But comments flooding social media speculate that Milovan might not be the only individual leaving the Black Stars.

Users have alleged that the Ayew brothers are set to quit the Black Stars.

A section of users has welcomed the rumour about the Ayews’ retirement from the Black Stars. They argue that the brothers’ efforts have not been encouraging for some time; thus, they should quit the team.

Also, they opined that the Black Stars will deliver a good performance in the absence of the duo.

Other users have disagreed and spoken against the condemnation of the brothers. According to them, Dede and Jordan have shown commitment and done so much for the Ghana Black Stars. They are of the view that the brothers have been unfairly treated.

They believe that the insults hurled at the Ayew brothers and the calls for their removal are why foreign-based Ghanaian players are reluctant to play for the national team.

Meanwhile, checks by reveal that the Ayew brothers have not communicated their retirement from the Black Stars.

The spokesperson for the Ayew family, Fiifi Tackie, has said “Andrè and Jordan Ayew are still very committed to the Black Stars team as they have always been. They will keep donning the Black Stars jersey to represent Ghana and give the team their very best on and off the pitch, as always.”

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